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3 June 2020 – Blackstone Minerals Ltd (ASX: BSX) intersects massive nickel-copper sulphides based on CORE EM plate modelling.  more


26 May 2020 – Novo Resources Corp.  uses GPR to discover more gold bearing gravels and swales at the Egina Gold Project, Western Australia.  more


1 August 2019 - CORE provides GPR surveys over Novo Resources Corp. Egina Gold Project, Western Australia.  more


10 September 2018 – CORE provides high resolution GPR survey for Rift Valley Resources Longonjo NdPr Project, Angola. For more details click  more


15 January 2018 – Lucapa discovers diamond bearing Lamporite at Brooking Diamond Project. For more details click  more


1 August 2017 - CORE provides high resolution GPR survey for POZ Minerals Blina Diamond Project.  more

1 June 2017 – CORE assists with GPR Survey on Lakemore

22 March 2017 - CORE provides geophysical support to Meridian Mining in Brazil for Tin, Gold and Manganese projects.  more

25 January 2017 - CORE conducts ERI and CMD-DUO survey at waste station facility to locate fluid pathways more





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Multi-Client Data

CORE offers a Multi-Client Data Management Service for all company airborne geophysical surveys flown in Western Australia, in accordance with the Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) tenement reporting policy. 


Acting as the data custodian and independant sales agent, the management service includes:


  • free airborne survey registration with the DMP when CORE is nominated as the Multi-Client agent

  • handling of any third party sale requirements including: obtaining end user sales agreements, receiving data payments,  survey sub-setting and re-gridding as required

  • processing and payment of royalties

  • providing itemised reports on data sales


To view the Multi-Client surveys currently available for purchase from CORE, please click on the download links below.






If you would like to use this service or require more information please feel free to contact us.


CORE can also provide additional value adding services to any Multi-Client Data purchase including merging with existing data, image processing, modelling and interpretation on request.