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3 June 2020 – Blackstone Minerals Ltd (ASX: BSX) intersects massive nickel-copper sulphides based on CORE EM plate modelling.  more


26 May 2020 – Novo Resources Corp.  uses GPR to discover more gold bearing gravels and swales at the Egina Gold Project, Western Australia.  more


1 August 2019 - CORE provides GPR surveys over Novo Resources Corp. Egina Gold Project, Western Australia.  more


10 September 2018 – CORE provides high resolution GPR survey for Rift Valley Resources Longonjo NdPr Project, Angola. For more details click  more


15 January 2018 – Lucapa discovers diamond bearing Lamporite at Brooking Diamond Project. For more details click  more


1 August 2017 - CORE provides high resolution GPR survey for POZ Minerals Blina Diamond Project.  more

1 June 2017 – CORE assists with GPR Survey on Lakemore

22 March 2017 - CORE provides geophysical support to Meridian Mining in Brazil for Tin, Gold and Manganese projects.  more

25 January 2017 - CORE conducts ERI and CMD-DUO survey at waste station facility to locate fluid pathways more





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CORE can provide in-house high resolution Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Ground Magnetic and Conductivity Surveys.


CORE is the sole technology partner of International Groundradar Consulting Inc. (Groundradar) for UltraGPR surveys in Australia and New Zealand.  UltraGPR is the most advanced deep penetrating radar system in the world offering the greatest depth penetration of any available radar system. 


UltraGPR surveys have been successfully applied to Bauxite, Iron Ore, Mineral Sands, Nickel Laterite, Alluvial and Geotechnical projects around the world.


UltraGPR can be operated by a single person in areas of high sensitivity or towed behind a vehicle for maximum coverage.  Employing wireless protocols, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, UltraGPR data are captured by an Android tablet. In addition the entire radar system may be submerged at depths of up to 20 m for underwater surveying.




CORE has the capacity to provide high quality ground magnetic and conductivity surveys in-house and through a strategic partnerships. CORE owns and operates GEM Systems high precision, GPS enabled magnetometers and a GF Instruments CMD-DUO conductivity meter allowing rapid surveys for shallow mineral, groundwater and engineering projects.


The GEM magnetometers offer superior performance through:


  • Enhanced sensitivity and resolution ( allows detection of very weak responses )
  • Operational through higher ranges and gradients (> 120,000nT e.g. Banded Iron Formations)
  • Rapid Sampling (suitable for fast walking or mounting on quad bike)
  • On-board DGPS and navigation (removes need for surveying or additional hardware) 


The CMD-DUO is an advanced digital conductivity meter which:


  • Measures Apparent conductivity in mS/m
  • Depth of investigation from 7.5m – 60m
  • Blue tooth connection to data logger
  • GPS location stored to each station
  • Manual or Continuous Operation modes
  • Inversion to Model depth section

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